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Samstag, 29.06.

Von |2019-06-29T12:27:53+02:00Juni 29th, 2019|Allgemein, WOD, WOD Archiv|

“Partner Pain”In teams of 2:100 Double unders50 HSPU40 TTB30 Wall Climbs40 Pull-ups50 am KBS, 24/16100 Burpees*only one works*reps per partner*partition as you want Ergebnisse [...]

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Freitag, 28.06.

Von |2019-06-28T20:49:46+02:00Juni 28th, 2019|Allgemein, WOD, WOD Archiv|

“El Nino”For Time:1.6K Run50 DB Snatch, 22.5/15400m DB-Run, 22.5/1530 Pull-Ups20 Burpee Box Jumps, 24/20“Courtesy of CompTrain Ergebnisse anzeigen

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Mittwoch, 26.06.

Von |2019-06-27T08:39:11+02:00Juni 26th, 2019|Allgemein, WOD, WOD Archiv|

“Row and Run”1 min row:rest2 min row:rest3 min row:rest5 min rest10x 50m Hill-SprintsRest is walk down5 min rest3 min row:rest2 min row:rest1 min row:rest [...]

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Dienstag, 25.06.

Von |2019-06-26T08:25:14+02:00Juni 25th, 2019|Allgemein, WOD, WOD Archiv|

“Burn”Amrap 6 min:15 Goblet-Squat, 12/8 (w/Slam-Ball)12 Slam-Balls, 12/8 - Rest 2 min -Amrap 6 min:20/17 cal Row10 Push-ups - Rest 2 min -Amrap 6 min:20 Flutterkicks10 Wall-Balls, [...]

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Dienstag, 25.06.

Von |2019-06-26T08:09:58+02:00Juni 25th, 2019|Allgemein, WOD, WOD Archiv|

“Bike Drop”Teams of 2:40 Cal Bike, 50 Power Snatches, 50 Thrusters, 35/2540 Cal Bike, 40 Power Snatches, 40 Thrusters, 42.5/3040 Cal Bike, 30 Power Snatches, [...]

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Samstag, 22.06.

Von |2019-06-22T13:42:29+02:00Juni 22nd, 2019|Allgemein, WOD, WOD Archiv|

“Sindy´s Nightmare”As a team of 2, complete 12 rounds for time:400m run together with a MedBall, 9/65 synchron Wall Climbs10 Sit-ups each20 synchron Lunges30 Double [...]

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